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Chaperon for ISA 2004/06
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CornerPost Details Latest Creation: Chaperon@Home
CornerPost Software announces new product to help parents bring their home Internet under control. Chaperon@Home is being released to a limited number of pre-qualified customers for testing - full beta release not far behind

Duffield, VA - October 1, 2004 - CornerPost Software, LLC announced today that it is releasing its latest product, Chaperon@Home, in beta version to pre-qualified customers.  "This puts the full beta release date of Chaperon@Home  in early October" said Paul Elswick, CEO for CornerPost, "We have been developing Chaperon@Home for a year and a half in order to provide filtering to customers who want to have Chaperon's patented features for their home or small business.  It is by far the most tested and solid product we have ever released into beta, and we're very proud."

Chaperon@Home Brings Patented Features to Home and Small Business Users

The same patented Agility Filter used in Enterprise Chaperon is constantly updated and revised, but Chaperon doesn’t stop there. Chaperon’s patented InstantAlert system can email or text you when someone uses your computer to access banned material. Then, just so you get the big picture, the Online History lets you see where your computer has gone, or is currently going online - from anywhere!  The easy to use web interface makes it easy to manage all your family members' accounts. 

Chaperon@Home Beta Release Features

Agility Filter™ - Categorized Internet content management. Simply select the categories you wish to apply to each user in your account, and click apply!
Personal InstantAlert™ – the patented ability to email or text you when your Internet account is used to intentionally access inappropriate material
History Vault™ – Keep an eye on where your family is going online from wherever you are, and keep them safe. Chaperon@Home is impervious to tools that clean out Internet history.
iUnPlug™ – Temporarily disable your Internet access from anywhere**

More Features to Come

"We also want people to know that Chaperon@Home is a growing product," added Mr. Elswick, "It will grow in features and functionality as time goes by.  However, we feel that we have provided the most important features to our customers in the beta release, and they are going to be pleasantly surprised."  Though details on future features are few, it is well known that Chaperon@Home will use CornerPost's iUnPlug™ feature by the end of the year.  iUnPlug is a market first, say CornerPost officials, that will allow Chaperon@Home customers to temporarily disable their home Internet connection remotely. 

To Get the Beta Pre-Release...

Users that want to receive the Chaperon@Home beta pre-release should email CornerPost at techsupport@cornerpost.net.

About CornerPost Software

CornerPost Software LLC, [http://cornerpost.net], is a premier information management company that provides solutions to inappropriate online content. The company currently produces 3 families of software including Chaperon 2000*, Surrogate Socket, and TotalTRAC. CornerPost Software is an Application Service provider, a developer of Internet Content Management software, and a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, enhancing the functionality of Microsoft ISA Server 2000.

CornerPost, Chaperon, Chaperon 2000, and Agility Filter are either registered trademarks or trademarks of CornerPost Software, LLC in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft, Active Directory and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. 

*U.S. Pat. No. 6,065,055, Can. Pat. No. 2,328,941 and U.S., European, and other Foreign Patents Pending.
**Feature may not be available in initial release.


Contact Information: Ryan Elswick  -  Ph. +1 (276) 431-7200  -  Email:  ryan@cornerpost.net


Chaperon for ISA 2004/06
Surrogate Socket
There is no doubt that the Internet has made our world smarter, more connected, more productive. Experience has also proven how dangerous the Internet can be when it is used “unchecked” by good judgment.
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