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Chaperon for ISA 2004/06
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CornerPost Software's Chaperon 2000 Computer Software Alerts School to Child in Danger
"They have to do something to protect the children... and now we know it works." - New Bedford Police Dept.

Duffield, VA - February 14, 2002 -

An innovative new computer program led to the arrest of a man last week charged with five counts of rape of a child and six counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14.

School officials became aware of the relationship with the student when notified by the school's Internet management software - Chaperon 2000 -- of explicit emails.

The Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School uses CornerPost Software's patented Chaperon 2000 Internet management software to manage the Internet traffic coming into and out of their school. Mr. Luis Lopes, the school district's computer coordinator, received an email notification from Chaperon with a copy of what Chaperon deemed a potentially explicit conversation between a student and someone outside of the school system. Initially Mr. Lopes did some preliminary investigating such as gathering facts from individuals and reviewing the Chaperon log files. Once it became apparent that the situation was exactly as it appeared, he notified the police, which resulted in the arrest and charges.

"Chaperon is the only product on the market that could have alerted authorities to this dangerous situation." Cholene Espinoza, CEO of Cornerpost Software explains, "Two patented components of our software were responsible for the arrest. Initially our Agility Filter detected inappropriate words being used, then our InstantAlert feature notified the school authorities via e-mail. The rest was a matter for law enforcement."

"What is truly frightening," said company President, Paul Elswick, "is that at this moment there could be many school systems that have a similar situation, and without Chaperon 2000, they would have no idea."

As a New Bedford Police Department spokesperson said, "They have to do something to protect the children... and now we know it works."

About CornerPost Software

CornerPost Software LLC, www.cornerpostsw.com, is a premier information management company that provides solutions to inappropriate online content. The company currently produces 3 families of software including Chaperon 2000, Surrogate Socket, and totalTRAC. Chaperon 2000 is a patented notification technology covered by patent number 6,065,055. CornerPost Software is an Application Service provider, a developer of Internet Content Management software, and a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, enhancing the functionality of Microsoft ISA Server 2000. CornerPost is a member of the Citrix(R) Alliance Member.


Contact Information: Ryan Elswick - Ph. +1 (276) 431-7200 - Email: ryan@cornerpostsw.com


Chaperon for ISA 2004/06
Surrogate Socket
There is no doubt that the Internet has made our world smarter, more connected, more productive. Experience has also proven how dangerous the Internet can be when it is used “unchecked” by good judgment.
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