"Thanks to all of you at CornerPost for making our lives easier!! We are able to teach our students about how to use a modern library in order to do research using both books and the internet ...''
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Greeneville City Schools Launches Chaperon Fundraiser
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Chaperon for ISA 2004/06
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CornerPost Software, LLC, is a premier information management company that provides solutions to inappropriate online content. It was co-founded by Paul Elswick and Alan Hughes in 1996 as Educational Technology, LLC. The initial concepts for Educational Technology stemmed from Elswick's experience as a parent volunteer who recognized that there was a need for Internet access among high schools in the rural South East. Elswick began writing grants to obtain Internet access for the Lee County School District, in Lee County, VA. Before long he was offering his technological expertise to help install a wide area network (WAN) to ensure that every classroom in the 13-school district had access to the Internet. However, to link the WAN through each school library, the district needed to develop a client/server library tracking system. So Elswick contacted Microsoft Certified Professional Alan Hughes to develop a library management software system from scratch. This marked the inception of Educational Technology's first product, BookMARC, the first K-12 library management software to function over a wide area network, as well as to incorporate Internet sources into searches for library materials.

Elswick and Hughes soon learned that the students' increased Internet activity often led to inappropriate Internet usage. Through trial-and-error, the two co-founders found that Internet filtering was not 100% effective. In addition, searching logs for users who had tried to access inappropriate material was not only tedious, but it was also too slow to be effective. So with input from school librarians and teachers, Elswick and Hughes developed Chaperon - a program with patented technology that sends administrators, teachers or parents near-real-time notifications when inappropriate material is searched for, or accessed on the Internet. This allowed those in charge to receive feedback on the effectiveness of Chaperon's filter and solve the problem immediately. In May 2000, Educational Technology became CornerPost Software, and broadened its market to include software applications for businesses, including systems integration and work-order tracking. CornerPost's most recent products, Chaperon 2004 and Chaperon@Home, are still the only software on the market that notifies the Internet manager when a user is attempting to access inappropriate Internet content. CornerPost's groundbreaking technology empowers businesses, educators, and parents by allowing them to control the parameters of a user's Internet experience.

Chaperon for ISA 2004/06
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There is no doubt that the Internet has made our world smarter, more connected, more productive. Experience has also proven how dangerous the Internet can be when it is used “unchecked” by good judgment.
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